Bluebeam Certified Training by TechScience

We are really to happy to receive the Bluebeam Certified Instructor (BCI) certification, after following the first BCI training event in Europe, organized by Bluebeam Inc. in Birmingham this January, and listed among the very few certified instructors in Europe.

Logo-BCI-RGBThis award actually give us the permission to provide to our clients a training course called Revu 2015/16: Basics which is certified by Bluebeam Inc. This course teaches you the fundamentals of Bluebeam Revu and provide the knowledge and the skills to create, edit, markup and collaborate on AEC documents. Anyone who completes this one-day training course, receives a CBU (Certified Bluebeam User) certification by Bluebeam Inc.

Our job as certified instructors, is to deliver this course to anyone that wishes to learn using Revu, in a consistent, professional and high-quality manner that follows the basic principals of Bluebeam Inc.

If you would like to know more about the Bluebeam Certified Training, click here


About Bluebeam Revu:

Bluebeam Revu is an award-winning software for PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration, specially design for the AEC industry and used by the world’s top architecture, engineering and construction firms. Its unique technology and tools allow the users to collaborate in real-time on a PDF, and provide incredible control on all the markups and the actions that take place during the the complete cycle.  –  More information


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